WONDER WOMAN HEAD SWAPS! McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Shazam! Fury of the Gods Action Figure Review

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Today, I am finally taking a look at the DC Multiverse Wonder Woman as she appeared in Shazam! Fury of the Gods. And trying out some head swaps, of course!

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40 thoughts on “WONDER WOMAN HEAD SWAPS! McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Shazam! Fury of the Gods Action Figure Review”

  1. So basically we're going to havd to mix and match ww84 with shazam ww to make the perfect JL WW. Plus the accessory of WW beast kingdom. 😮‍💨

  2. thats the DC Direct Alex Ross Kingdom Come Wonder Woman headsculpt for me…even if its pricey but the SHF '84 and the Fondjoy toys still looks better than this ..cool comparison with the first release too

  3. Here's my theoey on where Wonder Woman is during all of this because DC seems to hate her right now:

    On Themyscira land of the fiece Amazon warriors is Diana Prince! She's wearing her Themyscirian dress. She is on the beach, sitting in her deck chair, a nice cold lemonade in her hand, legs crossed, sunglasses on and a magazine next to her. Its there shes sipping on her lemonade watching everything unfold as she sits back, not even interferring.

  4. The arm posing that started in 1975 with the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman pilot

    Black Panther was created in 1966 not sure if he did that crossing arms from his inception though

  5. I'm pretty sure that we're never going to get another Gal Gadot WW figure after this (barring a Jokerized version lol), but for future reference, her name is pronounced "guh-DOHT," Rhymes with "the GOAT." Saw her mention it in an interview.

  6. The fact this guy just said this looks like gal Godot. The fact he said it’s better than shfifuart or Mafex.. blocked. Channel blocked forever. That’s INCOMPETENCE. You honestly should be ashamed

  7. im tryna follow a rule of "one version of each character" so how does she stack up quality wise next to the ever-awesome last knight on earth in your opinion? worthy replacement or no?

  8. Loved your review! So quirky and unique! Ah! The head swap on the 1969 … pause … 1984 golden armor WW looks great with this head. Damn! The thighs are 10x better than the previous release. Wish McFarlane would use the rubber from his design WW in his female figures hair. Very flexible and doesn’t hinder the head articulation. I want the staff as well as an accessory. It would have been Wonderful to have but WB is in their Discovery 💡 phase. This figure should have came with a different lasso and extra hands. Fists and open palms. The tiara 👑 was a lovely 🥰 addition. I repainted the boots and they are brilliant. ❤

  9. My Wonder Woman's left boot was warped too just like yours. I actually swapped the boots and torso from the 1984 WW figure with the new one because of the extra paint details. After doing that it actually fixed her warped leg problem. Now she looks amazing, especially after gluing the tiara to her headsculpt

  10. My ideal DCEU Justice League will be this Wonder Woman, Batfleck in his gray and blue suit as he appeared in The Flash, Superman as he appeared in Black Adam (Because his suit is more colourful and he has the classic Superman hair curl), Jason Mamoa Aquaman in his comic accurate suit, the Flash in his updated suit (Not the Batman suit version, the Speedforce Flash version) and Cyborg from the Justice League Movie wave (Josstice League or Snyderverse).

  11. That McFarlane designed Wonder Woman head is perfect for a classic Wonder Woman! Thanks for the advice. Wonder if this head fits the Last night on earth body?

  12. The cameo joke killed me, I considered picking this up for my newly founded live action shelf (curse you Dwayne Johnson and your charisma for selling my toys) but with the reboot on the way, I might wait for what could come from that, OR for a deal on this one

  13. This is the only Wonder Woman ive considered buying but im still just gonna hold out for a basic comic version cause really customizing it into a comic version is all I'd really do with it.

  14. great review, I'm still on the hunt for the McFarlane Design and was so happy about the announcement of the Doomsday vs Superman 2pack, another reuse of the angry Superman and Doomsday has some reused Devastator Parts but this was expected

  15. I don't know why but I do have a crush on Gal Gadot Wonder Woman because she's beautiful and looks the part I feel sad that she won't be the character again at least we have her in figure form as well the movies, I might get her, Well see, Great review on this Wonder Woman figure Jason.

  16. Every year Todd doesn't make a basic comic book based Wonder Woman is another where I hope he does the following year. A tradition I feel will sadly continue into Year 4 of the DC Multiverse line. All people ask for is a simple Rebirth Wonder Woman or a classic one. Me especially, I'll take the Wonder Woman from the current Mark Waid Batman/Superman World's Finest book since all the heroes in that book are essentially in their "Classic" costumes.