Who Is Hawkgirl? | Hawkgirl #1

Hawkgirl #1 – Kendra Saunders, the winged warrior better known as Hawkgirl, has been one of the DCU’s greatest heroes for a long time, serving as a member of both the Justice League and the Justice Society. But with the Justice League disbanded, Kendra decides she needs a fresh start and heads to Metropolis to begin a new life. That life is quickly interrupted by a mysterious villain with a powerful connection to the Nth metal that makes up Hawkgirl’s wings and weapons. A brand-new adventure with sky-high action, adventure, and intrigue begins here by Jadzia Axelrod (Galaxy: The Prettiest Star) and Amancay Nahuelpan (Wonder Woman, Detective Comics, The Flash).


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17 thoughts on “Who Is Hawkgirl? | Hawkgirl #1”

  1. Joel what are your thoughts on the recently announced at san diego comic con dc comics series: titans beast world event by tom taylor and ivan reis,outsiders by collin kelly and jackson lanzing and kneel before zod by joe casey.

  2. People have been hyping this book up a lot online and, personally, wasn't disappointed! I read Galaxy earlier this year so nice to see her continue to be a part of the main continuity.

  3. I wanted to like this so much but christ the dialouge just would not stop, like show dont tell. That said A+ on representation and on art work, love me some buff woman and the Helions are a fun idea.