We were supposed to get BVS Batman – Mcfarlane DC Multiverse ( Batman 6 Pack )

Here’s my take on why I think we didn’t get a BVS version..What do you guys think? let me know down in the comments

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23 thoughts on “We were supposed to get BVS Batman – Mcfarlane DC Multiverse ( Batman 6 Pack )”

  1. Sucks WB ruined BvS, SS1, JL, Batgirl, & Flash.

    BvS Ultimate Edition, Ayercut, ZSJL, Flash, those directors cuts are the original movies. Batgirl was never seen but tied into the DCEU

  2. Affleck never signed for his likeness to be used for any merchandise for the flash and the BVS Batman is the same figure because it was a cost thing not a licensing issue. Per my source which is a McFarlane Toys employee

  3. Todd will probably release a JL or BVS boxset that will include The BVS suit. Remember that the new Gunn live action will not come out for atleast a couple of years, so Mcfarlane will need something to compensate for that 2 year gap without live action movie figs.

  4. Liscensing was not the problem. The likeness is clearly there. The Flash Batman was not Ben Affleck. It was his stunt double which is why the figure did not resemble Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck was not originally appearing in The Flash. They brought him back for re-shoots after the movie had already been completed. Licensing for the toys had already been approved long before the movie came out.

  5. We are getting Mafex ZSJL Batman and Knightmare Batman. Licensing probably wasn't the problem.

    I guess they couldn't get the mold made in time, or just wanted to save on costs entirely.

    But hey, we are getting a Batman & Robin wave and most likely a Batman Forever wave too. It isn't crazy to think we may end up getting either a BVS or Snyder Trilogy wave.