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Those outside of VR need to use an instruction manual that they can pull up on their phones or a computer screen to figure out how to defuse it. If Johns is right about that connection to the ’80s comics, then we might see the “Titans” TV series change the way we tell superhero stories on screen. This is how we tell superhero stories. As a superhero team, the “Teen Titans” go back to the mid-1960s, but early versions failed to capture the hearts and minds of their readers. Archangel is a mech shooter that includes a single-player story campaign for the PS4 and PC versions of the game. This campaign places you in the cockpit of a building-size mech in an on-rails experience best played while seated. If you buy the campaign DLC on Steam, it’ll also unlock some goodies in the multiplayer mode. When you feel like you’re getting the hang of things, that’s the moment you can start to play around with the game’s bagful of gameplay modifiers, or buy the game’s newly released Pistol Whip 2089 expansion DLC. Best to play this one seated, and if you have a weak stomach, try playing it on a normal TV first.

You have five different multiplayer modes to choose from. The PC version offers a free stand-alone competitive multiplayer mode. Eve: Valkyrie is set in the world of Eve Online, but has only competitive multiplayer spaceship combat. If you’re looking for a truly immersive space combat experience, Eve: Valkyrie is one of the best VR games out there. You’ll teleport only to designated positions in the Wayne manor, the bat cave and out in the city, with most direct action consisting of throwing a bat-arang or calling in for support from your ship, the Nightwing. Resident Evil 7’s VR support is exclusive to PS VR, and the terror this game delivers really ramps up when you’re placed directly in the shoes of Ethan Winters in the Louisiana swamp. While many games only exist as VR titles, or as separate editions, some games that can have VR support bundled in. The most common approach is to reboot their universes every so often, thus restoring the status quo any time things have changed too much. As Eco notes, this is good for the mythic aspects of the tales, but severely limiting for things like character development.

Change in comics narratives could work; that the medium (like Robin himself) had evolved. In order to get to this position of prominence, the Titans creative team borrowed heavily from the work of Chris Claremont on X-men comics. Characters got married, quit the team to go to college and even died, but the largest shift in status quo came from Robin. With so many characters having taken up Robin’s mantle, there’s a wealth of variety to choose from in the cosplay community. Whether the character is paired up with the Bat-family, taking charge of the Teen Titans, or flying solo, Robin and Nightwing offer a lot of great cosplay options. Hey I’m new to the site but been doing costuming for several years now and wanted to do something a lot more chalenging than I’m used to, and after playing Injsutice, Nightwing’s blue costume has just been screaming at me to create. Rec Room is designed primarily as a social experience, so expect a lot of people to be on mic, nightwing cosplay and consider taking part in the chatter yourself.

The charm of the VR version is that, even though you’re playing online, you can still see and gesture at your opponents or teammates as if you were in the same room. If you make it through the games, you’re still not done. Also the one most likely to make you motion sick. You’ll sit at a table with up to three other players online and use motion controllers to select and place your pieces in an otherwise-quite-traditional game of Catan, building settlements, gaining and trading resources on a randomized board. Multiplayer, capital ship and fleet management, base building and more are all part of No Man’s Sky’s recent expansions and all will work with the VR version (itself a part of these expansions). You have a selection of ship classes, female nightwing cosplay each with its own specialties and roles to play during a match. It’s a game you’ll want to play over and over to either beat your high score or to savor the feeling of making a string of headshots to a rapid synth bass riff. The son of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith wore a similar outfit to his high school prom in May, adding a cream blazer and matching tie worn over his bodysuit and cap.

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