Who Is Hawkgirl? | Hawkgirl #1

Hawkgirl #1 – Kendra Saunders, the winged warrior better known as Hawkgirl, has been one of the DCU’s greatest heroes for a long time, serving as a member of both the Justice League and the Justice Society. But with the Justice League disbanded, Kendra decides she needs a fresh start and heads to Metropolis to begin a new life. That life is quickly interrupted by a mysterious villain with a powerful connection to the Nth metal that makes up Hawkgirl’s wings and weapons. A brand-new adventure with sky-high action, adventure, and intrigue begins here by Jadzia Axelrod (Galaxy: The Prettiest Star) and Amancay Nahuelpan (Wonder Woman, Detective Comics, The Flash).


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Amazing Wonder Woman Cosplay Comic Con #shorts


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ASMR Poison Ivy Puts You To Sleep… Forever | Kidnap Hypnosis Roleplay | DC Batman RP Cosplay

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