2023 VAMPIRE BATMAN | Walmart Gold Label | McFarlane Toys

Join me as we take a deep dive look at the brand new McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse VAMPIRE BATMAN from DC vs. Vampires!

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Vampire Batman:

The Eradicator:

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22 thoughts on “2023 VAMPIRE BATMAN | Walmart Gold Label | McFarlane Toys”

  1. I hate the color scheme…hush repaint in doo doo brown the vamp head has a wack ass sculpt and it's a pain in the ass to pose…it doesn't match source material and the emblem on the axe is wrong this figure pisses me off it sux.

  2. Yeah, pretty cool, but you know what would be even better? A figure of Batman Vampire (the Batman of Earth 43 who fought Dracula himself), with the ridiculously long ears on his cowl and big wings on his back. Now that one I would want to buy because that's one of my favorite Batman Elseworlds stories. I also wouldn't mind seeing a figure of Green Lantern Batman from "In Darkest Knight".

  3. "How does it stand?" McFarlane figures deserve a more basic starting question: Can it stand…like, at all? I love a lot of what they are doing, but leg articulation on virtually all of them makes standing them (in anything but the most vanilla pose) very limited and often impossible if you want them to stand, even with the little black stands.

  4. I read the first issue of this series and thought it was a one off 😅
    Looking at that Tim Drake makes me wish he'd announce 90s Tim Drake already.
    Don't know if I have the courage to brave the wilds of Walmart right now.

  5. I like this one a lot. I know it's just a repaint with a new head, but vampire Batman would just be Batman as a vampire. A repaint works here. Plus it reminds me of Batman Begins when Scarecrow gets dosed with his own supply and Batman looks freaky as hell.

  6. Everytime I see McFarlanes Dc characters up close I’m not happy with the paint apps, something about it looks sloppy, except for a few, think the figures would have been much better if they just made the paint a bit more detailed. They are great ideas but just can’t enjoy the paint jobs( mainly on the face)

  7. You’ve got to move your Stimpy figure. The glare of Stimpy was all I could focus on when you had Vampire Batman in the box. Not trying to be a d**k just constructive criticism. Love your videos.